Precise Precious Metal Testing

Sept. 13, 2017
SPECTRO Analytical Instruments GmbH provides testing times as low as 15 seconds.

A fifth-generation, fast, accurate, small-spot energy-dispersive X-ray fluorescence (ED-XRF) analyzer for precious metal testing is the SPECTRO MIDEX MID05 spectrometer.


The compact spectrometer delivers improved sensitivity and speed, and represents a smart alternative to fire assay testing. Incorporating the latest developments in ED-XRF detector technology using high count rate and high resolution, the SPECTRO MIDEX spectrometer is one of the most-advanced laboratory benchtop XRF analyzers available for precious metals testing.


The new analyzer offers users the choice of significantly increased precision, even for minor and trace element content, or substantially faster testing for higher sample throughput. The features and benefits of the new SPECTRO MIDEX MID05 spectrometer include:

  • Exceptional Performance in terms of high precision and accuracy for a wide range of concentration levels, plus record-setting testing times (as low as 15 seconds). For small jewelry items or drill cuttings from remelted samples, the new spectrometer analyzes a small spot (typically 1.2 mm). For silver samples, which may be relatively inhomogeneous, averaging results from an optionally larger spot size maintains high-accuracy results.
  • Excellent Ease of Use for even minimally trained operators. Intuitive software presents relevant information on one screen. An integrated video system aids in sample positioning and in documenting the testing spot. Analysis starts with a single screen click, or one touch of the new instrument-mounted start/stop button. Display, print-out, and transfer of analysis results support later data use and/or proof of compliance.
  • High-Reliability, Cost-Effective Analysis for precious metals testing offices, assay labs, hallmarking centers, and refinery labs. The new spectrometer’s accuracy and speed reduce costly additional fire assays and ICP-OES testing that requires sample digestion.
  • Greatly Improved Speeds even compared to previous methods that yielded complete analysis, in as little as 30 seconds. With comparable accuracy, fast new scans may take only 15 seconds.
  • More-Compact, Robust Design to meet customer requests. A new, significantly smaller housing fits tighter benchtop spaces, yet accommodates samples from tiny jewelry pins to large silver pieces.
  • Global Support delivered through the AMECARE Performance Services program, backed by more than 200 AMECARE service engineers in 50 countries who help ensure peak performance and extended life for every SPECTRO MIDEX instrument. AMECARE’s high-value, customized services include proactive maintenance programs, application solutions, access to specialists, and instrument-specific training.