Test Equipment for The HEMS Market

July 15, 2017
Keysight Technology, Inc. offers a line of power converters and solutions.

A suite of test and measurement solutions for the rapidly growing battery, HEV/EV and HEMS markets have been launched: EV1003A Power Converter Test Solution, RP7900 Series Regenerative Power System, BT2191A Self-Discharge Measurement (SDM) System, and BT2152A Self-Discharge Analyzer (SDA).


EV1003A Power Converter Test Solution was designed specifically to address the efficiency, safety, regulatory, and environmental challenges associated with the HEV/EV and HEMS markets. Currently, it’s the only commercial off-the-shelf regenerative power system with highly integrated safety features that protect operators and the devices under test.


RP7900 Series Regenerative Power System offers battery emulation capabilities, such as 2-quadrant (source/sink) operation and programmable output resistance. In addition, the power system provides the added benefit of safely and cleanly regenerating greater than 85% of power back into the grid, which increases efficiency based on reduced energy consumption and cooling requirements.


BT2191A Self-Discharge Measurement (SDM) System is for cell designers and offers a new way to accurately measure Li-Ion cells’ self-discharge currents within a significantly reduced amount of time and with a settling time as low as one to two hours. This new patented technique allows engineers to dramatically reduce the design cycle-time and helps to optimize self-discharge performance and characteristics of battery cells.


BT2152A Self-Discharge Analyzer (SDA), for Li-Ion cell manufacturers, offers a new type of analyzer that measures in parallel self-discharge currents on a large number of cells, providing a significant reduction in the time required to discern good versus bad cell self-discharge performance. This helps achieve dramatic reductions in work-in-process inventories, working capital and facility costs.

EV1003A Power Converter Test Solution

  • Get sourcing (power supply) and sinking (electronic load) up to 950 V, up to 40 A, and up to 10 kW
  • Handle faults and ensure output is secured (i.e. disconnected) with redundant safety disconnect system (500 V models only; contact Keysight for 950 V safety)
  • Operate in 2 quadrant mode as power source and regenerative electronic load
  • Create up to 100 kW power or loading through easy parallel connection of up to 10 units
  • More accurately emulate high-voltage, high-power battery up to 50 Ohms with programmable resistance (model dependent)
  • Leverage features rarely found in 10 kW power sources: list mode, best-in-class measurement accuracy
  • Reduce footprint with compact size: up to 10 kW of sourcing and loading in 3U; compare to typical 6 kW load at 4U and typical 12 kW load at 6U
  • Reduce costs for cooling and electricity with an eco-friendly, regenerative design


BT2191A Self-Discharge Measurement (SDM) System

  • 1-Channel Self-Discharge Measurement System
  • 0.025% current measurement accuracy for discharge currents up to 10 mA
  • 0.0016% cell voltage measurement accuracy for cell voltages up to 4.5V
  • ± 10 ?Vpk source voltage stability (typical).
  • System accurately measures self-discharge current in minutes or hours.
  • Software for instrument control, graphing of results, data logging and storage.


BT2152A Self-Discharge Analyzer (SDA)

  • Up to 32 channels of self-discharge current measurement available in 4-channel increments
  • Cell voltage range: 0.5 to +4.5 V
  • Fixed voltage sourcing accuracy: ± (0.005% + 250 ?V)
  • Voltage sourcing stability: ± 10 ?V peak (typical)
  • Current measurement range: ± 10 mA
  • Current measurement accuracy: ± (1% + 1 ?A)
  • Voltage measurement accuracy: ± (0.05% + 1 mV)