Semiconductor Test System Extends Life

June 30, 2017
Marvin Test Solutions increases they life of legacy semiconductor test systems.

Extending the life of legacy semiconductor testers, the MTEK Subsystem (Marvin Test Expansion Kit) adds test capabilities to legacy semiconductor test systems that lack the ability to meet the test requirements of current devices.


MTEK allows customers to configure a subsystem with exactly the resources needed to deliver the capabilities lacking in their current legacy ATE. MTEK is a compact, easy-to-integrate, open architecture plug-and-play solution that cost-effectively adds RF, hi-performance digital, and/or hi-performance analog capabilities. It is compatible with multiple legacy semiconductor test platforms, including Teradyne, LTX/Credence, Eagle, ASL100, Sentry, and Verigy. Easily expandable in the field, MTEK is designed to support both engineering and production environments.


The MTEK Series core platform includes a 9-slot, PXI Express chassis and a MXI interface which provides the control interface to the host ATE system. 

8 peripheral slots are available for supporting PXI and PXI Express instrumentation. Available PXI instrumentation offers analog and digital capabilities including:

  • 6.5 Digital DMM
  • Performance Digital I/O with PMU per pin
  • 200 MS/s AWG
  • 70 MS/s Digitizer
  • RF generator & analyzer