Mobile Supermarket Flow Rack

Sept. 23, 2022
Creform Corporation's Mobile Supermarket Flow Rack has a maximum load capacity of 1,200 lb. (544 kg).

This Mobile Supermarket Flow Rack was built for a “pick-to-light” operation. Steeply angled containers sit on the four supply levels with one return lane located at the bottom level. There are three flow lanes across each level, and the top two rows provide for easy identification and ease of component placement. The flow lanes are angled for reliable container flow and presentation while guaranteeing FIFO inventory management.


Each lane features fixed lane dividers to keep containers secure. Each of the rack’s levels can be repositioned, and the entire flow rack can be customized with only simple tools. The vertical presentation face allows the levels to be easily moved up or down. The flow rack features six casters for mobility, and each can be locked in place.

  • Dimensions: 45 x 40 x 70 in. (114 x 102 x 178 cm)
  • Maximum load capacity: 1,200 lb. (544 kg)