Chain Drive Lubricant for Food Industry

June 21, 2019
iwis' re-lubricant for chains in food applications offers outstanding wear protection properties and a wide temperature range.

VP8 FoodPlus Spray is a relubricant for chains in food industry applications. The spray combines outstanding wear protection with a wide operating temperature range and corresponding certification for a variety of applications in the food industry.


Proper (re-)lubrication is an essential factor in guaranteeing the long service life of a chain: two-thirds of all chain failures can be prevented by using a suitable lubricant. VP8 FoodPlus is perfect for machine elements with high loads - even in wet environments. Its particularly good adhesion and anti-spinning properties ensure long lubrication and low soiling, with an optimum blend of additives to guarantee good resistance to oxidation and aging, long operating times and endurance. As an additional benefit, VP8 FoodPlus is not only suitable for industrial chain applications, but also ideal for use on joints, guide rails, bearings, gear drives, valves, hinges, and locks. The food-grade lubricant can be used at any temperature between -35° and +135°C.


This chain spray is NSF H1 certified (NSF H1 157999), so it is explicitly approved for use as a lubricant in food industry applications. VP8 FoodPlus Spray is also free of MOSH (Mineral Oil Saturated Hydrocarbons) and MOAH (Mineral Oil Aromatic Hydrocarbons), and contains no animal products or ethanol, making it suitable for an even wider range of applications.


  • NSF H1 Certificate
  • MOSH/MOAH-free
  • Free of animal ingredients and ethanol
  • Particularly good adhesion and resistance to spinning for long lubricating effect and low soiling
  • Excellent creep behavior into the chain joint
  • Insoluble in water


Technical data

  • fully synthetic high-performance oil with PTFE
  • Color: white/beige
  • Viscosity: approx. 110 mm2/s at 40°C
  • Operating temperature: -35° to 135°C