FlexFlite™ Offers Clean, Versatile Flexible Screw Conveying

Feb. 11, 2006

FlexFlite Conveyors can move materials as diverse as cement, sand, fuller’s earth, talc, caustic flakes, herbicides, fiberglass, PVC pellets, yeast granules, grain, nuts, and more – including products requiring sanitary handling. The spiral auger is the only moving part that contacts the conveyed material. It is coreless to minimize clogging and has an oval cross-section to ensure positive movement of material through the delivery tube and metering accuracy. Close pitching of the spiral allows increased flexibility, a tighter bending radius, and operation at lower speeds.

FlexFlite is easy to run and maintain. The in-line, geared electric motor rotates the spiral and can be set at speeds suited to the density of conveyed materials, the angle of inclination, and distance and rate of transfer. Fully enclosed construction ensures contamination-free operation. The head housing provides access to the drive shaft for maintenance.

FlexFlite Conveyors can be ordered for standard chemicals and non-food materials or for pharmaceutical and food-grade applications. Materials of construction match the intended use.

Sanitary-grade models have spirals, head housings, and in-feed adapters made from stainless steel and tubing made from UHMW polyethylene. Other construction combinations and components are available, including rigid conveying tubes made from steel and thermoplastics.

Cyclonaire is a manufacturer of bulk material handling systems and controls, specializing in pneumatic conveying. The company supplies single components as well as complete systems. Its services range from concept engineering and project management through start-up supervision. Industries served include cement, chemical, battery, food, foundry, milling, mineral, railroad, and rubber.