Re-engineered Kut-Rite KR-10 Scarifier is now more versatile than ever

March 24, 2006

Meticulous engineering has made the KR-10 more rugged than ever too. “It wouldn’t be a stretch,” says Sales Manager Sheryl Meyers, “to call it the Cadillac of scarifying machines.”

A centrally located drum makes the 300-pound KR-10 much stronger, sturdier and more powerful than typical scarifiers.

The machine is powder coated and all other exposed metal is 303 stainless steel. The added weight and rigidity also mean there is less vibration. Powered by a 9hp Honda gasoline engine, and with a 10-inch cutting width, the KR-10 can cover 450-600 square feet per hour at a depth of 1/8 inch. For inside work, an electric or propane motor is also available.

Now Kut-Rite is offering another kind of versatility with the announcement that they’re carrying the revolutionary, award-winning Pulse-Bac Industrial Vacuum. It’s the perfect attachment for the KR-10 to ensure continuous, non-clogging dust suppression and collection.

Meyers is excited about the addition. “What makes the Pulse-Bac so unique is that it continually flushes filters clear of dust and debris while operating, without blowers, shakers or compressors,” she explained.

The Pulse-Bac’s electronically controlled filtration system provides maximum reliability and operates on a standard 110-volt, 20-amp outlet. Its powder-coated, 16-gauge steel, 20-gallon collection tank has five three-inch, non-marking casters and supports up to 300 pounds, so it’s lightweight and portable enough to go anywhere! The LD model generates 135 CFM and the HD model generates 270 CFM, both with 80” of lift.

“The KR-10 scarifier and the Pulse-Bac were made for each other,” Meyers pointed out. “Adding the Pulse-Bac line means our customers can get one-stop shopping right here with KutRite.”

Other standard KR-10 features include zero-depth height adjustment, laser-cut, front-mounted lifting handles, no exposed moving parts, and, of course a hook-up for the Pulse-Bac and other industrial vacuums.

Both the KR-10 and Pulse-Bac are available in high-performance heavy-duty versions.