Traceable Big-Digit See-Thru thermometer with 11/4-in. high digits can be used outdoors, in store rooms, fume hoods, labs, cleanrooms, refrigerators, and plant areas. Its transparent display shows current and min/max temperatures, and automatically clears and updates min/max readings daily. Range is –13.0 to 158.0°F or –25.0 to 70.0°C with a resolution of 0.1° and accuracy of ±1°C. The 31/2 x 41/4 x 3/4-in. thermometer comes with mounting tape, Velcro, AAA battery, and Traceable certificate. Control Co., Friendswood, TX• Range is -58.000 to 302.000 °F and -50.000 to 150.000°C • Resolution is 0.001° • Accuracy is ±0.05°C between 0.0 to 100°C • Size is 8.9 x 14 x 3.2 cm • Weight is 226.8 g