Free QC Checklist Helps Evaluate Quality Of Fluid Dispensing Components

May 2, 2006

New “Dispensing Components QC Checklist” features 15 simple checks to help users of air-powered and mechanical fluid dispensers achieve better process control, reduce waste and increase productivity.

Disposable components like dispense tips, pistons and syringe barrels may look similar, but careful inspection will often reveal major differences in quality, cleanliness and critical tolerances. Imperfections like burrs, molding flash and contamination will all reduce the accuracy and consistency of fluid deposits, leading to costly waste, rejects and field failures.

Complimentary 16-page booklet features numerous photos, step-by-step instructions and helpful hints on what to look for when evaluating dispensing components from different suppliers.

EFD Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Nordson Corporation, the world’s leading producer of precision dispensing equipment. Nordson and EFD systems apply adhesives, sealants and other assembly fluids to a broad range of consumer and industrial products during manufacturing operations, helping customers meet quality and productivity targets.