UNIST Publishes New Metalforming Systems Catalog

May 12, 2006

Grand Rapids, MI: UNIST, Inc. has published a comprehensive new resource for Metalforming companies. The complete family of Metalforming Lubrication Systems from UNIST, Inc. is now presented in a single, easy to use catalog. Since introducing their first roller system for coil stock lubrication in 1993, UNIST has developed an extensive line of components for use in nearly every type of metalforming application. The entire product line is displayed in this 56 page full color publication. Serving as a product overview, system planning tool and ordering guide, the distinct feature of the new catalog is the way it is organized. A color coded section is dedicated to each group of components, including, supply systems, spray nozzles, four types of uni-Roller® systems, and two types of controllers. Each section describes the system and its applications, explains how it works and lists available options. It also illustrates the relationship of each system to the other components and directs the reader to additional equipment necessary to complete their configuration. Dimensional drawings for installation planning conclude each section. This all-inclusive guide can be used to easily customize a stock or blank lubrication system for metalforming applications.

The flagship UNIST system for metalforming, the Uni-Roller; is a positive displacement, internally fed roller lubrication system designed for the precise coating of coil and blank stock in metal stamping, fine blanking, roll forming and metal fabricating. The original system, now known as Uni-Roller Type C has expanded to include, Powered Uni-Roller, Mini-Roller, and Uni-Roller Type S. Options for control of the fluid supply have also been added. Fluid can be mechanically controlled by a cam driven pump attached to the roller unit, or controlled automatically by selecting one of two available types of SPR Programmable Controllers. An air operated diaphragm pump is also offered to draw fluid from totes and drums. Every control system allows fluid to be applied on both top and bottom of the stock, always delivering a uniform and precise amount to the desired thickness. The SPR Programmable Lubrication Stations can also be configured to operate UNIST spray nozzles with multiple spray angles and patterns, for use in stand alone applications, or to support the Uni-Roller with additional lube points.

UNIST plans to have each section of the catalog available for use on the company website later this year. A free copy of the new catalog can be obtained immediately from the UNIST home office in Grand Rapids, MI, or through a UNIST representative.

Formed in 1957, UNIST, Inc. is the leader in the manufacture of fluid delivery systems designed to reduce consumption while improving all areas of operational efficiency and safety. The UNIST product line includes minimal quantity application systems for all machining and forming, using either “neat” oils or water-soluble fluids.