Beswick introduces a Subminiature Pressure Regulator to offer excellent pressure regulation in an extremely compact package. The Subminiature Pressure Regulator allows relatively precise pressure regulation in an envelope approximately the size of a miniature pneumatic fitting. The outside dimensions are exactly the same as Beswick’s 10-32 threaded needle valves. The inlet port is a 10-32 external thread with an O-ring face seal for leak tight connections. The outlet port orientation is adjustable for easy connections. The device can be supplied in a range of configurations such as tees, elbows, crosses and manifold mount as well as a wide variety of connection styles such as tube barbs, compression connections or push to connect connections. In addition to its subminiature envelope, the Subminiature Pressure Regulator is fabricated entirely from stainless steel and it is available with a wide variety of elastomeric seals to allow excellent fluid compatibility and thermal resistance. The patent pending valve design allows the device to regulate pressures as accurately as devices which are much larger. Applications include: fuel cell industry, medical and dental equipment, instruments, laboratory equipment, semiconductor manufacturing equipment, aerospace equipment, packaging machinery, industrial robots and many more. Beswick products include: fittings, valves, quick disconnects, pressure regulators/gauges, cylinders, filters, orifices, shock absorbers, pressure electric switches, tubing, etc. Beswick speaks your language and can custom design products to meet your specific requirements. • Material: Brass and 303 stainless steel • Seals: Buna-N. Optional materials: EPDM and Viton®.