Simplify Your Setup with Low-profile Vise

July 5, 2006
Racine, WI – June 14, 2006 – Heinrich Company’s announces a low profile 4”-wide Camlock Vise. It measures only 3” tall. Small-to medium-size runs can be setup easily and quickly with this unit. The hand knob adjusts to the desired open position. A short horizontal movement of the locking lever clamps or releases the part, providing one-hand operation of the fixture. To eliminate wasted movement, the maximum travel of the jaw is only 5/16”. The recessed parallel jaw inserts keep the work level and can be removed to accommodate your own jig and fixture components. This gives you greater versatility. The hallow base allows for clear-through drilling so you can do more types of jobs with the unit. The guide bars and camlock parts are hardened and ground, assuring you of smooth long-lasting movement. Lightweight unit weighs only 23 pounds Heinrich Company has been making special workholding tools for over 75 years. Their products include quick-acting screwless vises, single-and double acting air vises, self-centering vises, cross-hole drill jigs, 5C air collet fixtures and special metal-cutting hand tools. • Shipping Weight - 23 lb.