Klüberplex AG 11-462 and BEM 41-141 Greases

July 17, 2014

Specialty lubricants for the wind energy industry, Klüberplex AG 11-462 and Klüberplex BEM 41-141 meet the extreme demands placed on wind turbines and their component


Klüberplex AG 11-462 offers effective corrosion and wear protection as well as provides a high load-carrying capacity.


Klüberplex BEM 41-141 is a high-performance grease designed for use in bearings subject to high loads and temperatures. The lubricant reduces frictional resistance, resulting in lower operating temperatures and reduced lubricant consumption. Klüberplex BEM 41-141 offers good wear protection for longer component service life and is suitable for a variety of applications, including the lubrication of generator bearings in wind power stations.

Klüberplex AG 11-462:

  • Reduced maintenance needs
    • Low contamination of machine environment due to use of white solid lubricants and low lubricant consumption
    • Very good adhesion even at low temperatures
    • Product streamlining possible as the product is suitable for gear rim/pinion drives and bearings
  • Improved component performance
    • Less wear due to selected solid lubricants and additives
    • Very good corrosion protection also when exposed to salt water

Klüberplex BEM 41-141:

  • Trouble-free operation due to wide service temperature with good pumbability and metering via centralised lubrication systems
  • Longer service life of rolling bearings due to good wear protection characteristics also under vibration conditions
  • Higher reliability of wind power stations due to good grease distribution and oil separation
  • Low frictional resistance and reduced component temperature
  • Reduced wear due to excellent lubricity
  • Easy changeover to Klüberplex BEM 41-141 as the lubricant is miscible with other greases
 KLÜBERPLEX AG 11-462KLÜBERPLEX BEM 41-141Solid Lubricants 20% by weight Lower Service Temp. 14°F (10°C)-40°F (-40°C)Upper Service Temp. 302°F (150°C)Color Space White Yellow-GreenTexture Homogeneous Density at 68°F (20°C) 1.05 g/cm3 0.88 g/cm3NLGI Grade (DIN 51818) 2 1 Worked Penetration (DIN ISO 2137, 25°C, Lower Limit Value) 265 x 0.1 mm 310 x 0.1 mmWorked Penetration, (Upper Limit Value) 295 x 0.1 mm 340 x 0.1 mmISO Viscosity Grade (DIN ISO 3448) 460 Drop Point (DIN ISO 2176, IP 396) >= 356°F (180°C) >= 482°F (250°C)FZG Scuffing Test ( DIN ISO 14635) >= 12 Functional Lubricant Film -40°F (-40°C) Water Resistance, (DIN 51807 pt. 01, 3 h/90°C, Rating) 0 to 90 Min. Shelf Life 24 months 36 monthsShear Viscosity Lower Limit Value  2,000 mPasShear Viscosity Upper Limit Value  4,000 mPas Kinematic Viscosity (base oil, DIN 51562 pt. 01/ASTM D-445/ASTM D 7042, 40°C) 130 mm²/sKinematic Viscosity (base oil, DIN 51562 pt. 01/ASTM D-445/ASTM D 7042, 212°F) 14 mm2/sCorrosion Inhibiting Properties  <= 1 corrosion degreeFlow Pressure  <= 1,400 mbar