Changing parts with a loading/unloading time of less than 5 seconds, Fuji’s new FS4-3500 compact automated gang tooled turning center is the fastest in its class. Ideal for large production runs, this machine allows loading and unloading of the workpiece during spindle rotation. Two separate loaders are included for loading and unloading, The time-tested FS4-3500 is the machine of choice where uptime and speed are critical. The FS4-3500 is as precise as it is fast. It incorporates a 30 degree bed design. The ways that support the gang slide are a hardened and ground combination square and dovetail way system. The saddle and cross slides are coated with TURCITE type material to reduce stick slip. This proven design along with Fuji’s mid-case spindle assures super high accuracy, superior roundness and finish in high volume production environments. Fuji’s automatic gauging can be integrated into extremely high accuracy applications where 100% inspection is required. The FS4-3500 is especially suitable for bearing applications, as well as transmission parts requiring short cycle times. This incredibly accurate box way machine with gang style tooling allows for maximum metal removal required by bearing manufacturers worldwide. The FS4-Series can be applied to most applications that require both OD and ID turning. The machine can be connected with a part flip station for complete OP-10 / OP-20 turning. Maximum part diameter is 6.0”. An optional 4-station indexable turret is available.Recommended work size mm [ inch ] - ø150 x 40 [ ø6 x 1.5 ] • Spindle diameter mm [ inch ] - 100 [ 3.94 ] • Spindle speed ( rpm ) - Max. 4000 • Spindle motor kW [ hp ] - 7.5/11 [ 10/15 ] • Chuck size inch – 8 • Carrying capacity kg [lbs] - 3 [ 6.6 + 6.6]