Pres-On Brochure Gives Engineers Education In Most Commonly Used Adhesive

Aug. 30, 2006
Pres-On, an innovator in the application of adhesive coated products, today announced the availability of a four-page color brochure containing forty-five samples of its most popular adhesive coated materials. The brochure was published to educate engineers not only of Pres-On*s extensive adhesive coating, slitting and die-cutting capabilities but of the general properties of materials such as urethane foam, vinyl blends and double-coated films used in the production of hundreds of industrial and consumer products. Pres-On coated materials can be found everywhere from the gaskets in automobiles and industrial motors to tapes applied in the assembly of consumer electronics and windows. "The brochure gives an excellent illustration of the full capabilities of Pres-On," noted John Starkey, Vice President of Sales & Marketing for Pres-On. "The applications for our reliable, cost-effective adhesive solutions are virtually limitless."