Type ED Pilot-Operated Steam Pressure Regulator

Oct. 10, 2006
Spence Engineering Company, of Walden, NY, announces its’ Type ED pilot-operated steam pressure regulator for steam distribution systems, district heating systems, pressure control for steam plants and single, two stage or parallel reduction. Available in cast iron or cast steel, in sizes 3/8” to 12”, for pressures to 600 PSIG and temperatures to 750°F, the Spence Type ED pilot-operated pressure regulator accurately controls operations within +/- 1 PSIG of set pressure. This regulator requires no external power signal, respond quickly to changes in load and is available with a variety of special construction features such as balancing to accommodate high turn down, liquid and low differential service. Self contained, spring operated, side or integrally mounted pressure, air and temperature pilots are available as standard.