DC175 Supreme Solid Carbide Drill

Aug. 9, 2022
The DC175 Supreme Solid Carbide Drill from Walter USA is ideal for increased performance in stainless steel and super alloy machining.

Designed for machining ISO M (stainless steel) and S (super alloys) materials, the DC175 Supreme solid carbide drill features precision cooling and cost-effective performance. The drill uses a uniquely designed exit hole strategy to increase volume of coolant very close to the main cutting edge, resulting in improved tool life; they can be used with emulsion or oil as coolant. The new point geometry features a tough, straight main cutting edge, a large clearance in the center, and coolant channels positioned close to the cutting edge.


In addition to the cooling and geometry, the WJ30RZ and WJ30RY grades also boost performance because their highly wear-resistant TiAlSiN-based layer, applied using HIPIMS coating technology, takes the form of a complete coating for 3 and 5xDc (WJ30RZ grade) and a point coating for 8×Dc (WJ30RY grade). The 8×Dc version also features a polished flute for deep drilling. The result is a very smooth surface which ensures optimum chip evacuation and minimizes built-up edges.

  • The drill is available in dia. 0.118 to 0.787 in. (3 to 20 mm)
  • 3 × Dc in accordance with DIN 6537 short
  • 5 × Dc in accordance with DIN 6537 long
  • 8 × Dc in accordance with Walter standard L/D ratios