Industry's first high-speed, super-size laser, CL-707 adds 5kW cutting power to 8 x 20 ft. dual pallet productivity

Nov. 21, 2006
Industry's largest, most productive laser cutting system, the CL-707 with interchangeable 8 x 20 ft. cutting tables further boosts cutting power and processing range with a new 5000 watt GE Fanuc laser resonator. Linear motor drive delivers 10,000 ipm head positioning, while the 5kW power cuts through 18 ga. steel at up to 1000 ipm and processes mild steel up to 1" thick. The 5kW cutting power and long-bed capacity makes possible unmatched sheets-per-hour productivity. Each 8 x 20 ft. pallet can be loaded with multiple sheets, then processed in a continuous operation to maximize the advantages of high-speed cutting. Multi-sheet processing avoids lost production from stopping the machine after every sheet to do a material change. Automated pallet change takes just seconds, making possible virtually continuous cutting and long periods of unattended processing. Up to 320 sq. ft. of material can be processed between the two pallets without operator attention. Super-size bed design - more than double the capacity of conventional lasers - opens up lots of opportunities for makers of larger parts and products to gain the throughput and quality advantages of laser processing. The long-bed machine can be an ideal choice for a steel service center or a fabricator of large panels and structures. Large part capability allows more robust structures while greatly reducing welding and fixturing operations. State-of-the-art technologies make the CL-707 an extremely versatile, productive tool for flexible and just-in-time manufacturing, as well as an economical alternative to punch presses and machining centers in creating parts without tooling costs or setups. The advanced 5kW cutting head system features standard auto-focus, while a new height sensor, insensitive to plasma, enables much higher feedrates on thin metal using nitrogen or air assist gas. An improved breakaway feature keeps debris from entering the beam path and allows beam alignment checking without head removal. Proven fast-axial flow resonator design offers high reliability and low laser gas consumption. Helical RF antennae excite the laser gas to produce more power with fewer internal optics for lower operating and maintenance costs. An electronic shutter with trigger-discharge electrodes improves pulsing characteristics to produce smoother cut edges and reduce heat-affected zone (HAZ). • Absolute positioning per axis: ................ ±0.001" (±0.025mm) • Repeatability per axis: ........................... 0.0002" (0.005mm) • Positioning speed (maximum) • Simultaneous axis: .................................8,500 ipm (3,598 mm/sec.)