Hand-Held Electronic Enclosures

Jan. 5, 2007
POLYCASE, experienced manufacturer of plastic electronic enclosures, is rounding out our hand-held product line. Our latest in hand-held designs is grabbing hold of the market. The VM-24 boasts a palmable 4.625” x 2.85” size; the VM-35 is slightly larger with a 5.50” x 3.25” body. Both come with a slim 1.00” height. The curvaceous base snuggles perfectly in your palm for comfort and ease of use. The new VM is one of POLYCASE’s enclosures available with a battery compartment, including nickel-plated steel contacts, as well as a removable battery door. We designed the case to cradle 2 AA size batteries to ensure a proper, tight fit. The enclosure boasts UL’s highest flame retardant rating of 94-5VA, on both the standard black and bone options. There are mounting bosses available in the base and case, to help you determine the best possible location for your board. The removable end panel is available in standard ABS material, or for special projects, in infrared material (restrictions apply). The affordable VM-24 is only $3.79 at 500 pieces. As with all POLYCASE enclosures, we have modification and printing capabilities to help make our enclosures your enclosures. Saving both time and money, and the inconvenience of multiple POs, having POLYCASE customize your enclosures is the hassle-free way to one-of-a-kind personalization. • Material: Flame retardant ABS plastic • Flame Rating: ULs best flame rating of 94-5VA • Surface: Textured