Jan. 13, 2007
TrueCoat™ slot applicators from Nordson Corporation (Nasdaq: NDSN) provide exceptional thermal performance and application accuracy in continuous or intermittent coating applications. The compact, configurable design is ideal for coating a wide variety of substrates including papers, foils, films and nonwoven materials. TrueCoat slot applicators are simple to use. A V-shaped body design provides flexible setup of web routing and guidance. And, fast pattern changes are achieved with quick-change, replaceable slot nozzles. Additionally, TrueCoat slot applicators are easy to maintain, featuring quick-change filters and modules as well as flange-on solenoids. A new nozzle clamping design provides quick removal of dies for servicing. Optional anti-stick surface coating eases cleaning. Standard application widths are available up to 28 inches (720 mm). Longer widths may be available upon request. * Meet specific application requirements with application widths available in 1.18 inch (30 mm) increments up to 28 inches (720 mm). * Achieve fast pattern changes with quick-change, replaceable slot nozzles. * Maintain application accuracy with excellent thermal performance. * Perform maintenance quickly and easily with quick-change filter cartridges and flange-on solenoids.