Ergo Tranz Compact Lift Transporter

Jan. 23, 2013

A simple-to-use, compact, battery-powered lift cart, the Ergo Tranz eliminates body strain caused by manual transporting and lifting in manufacturing plants, laboratories, stockrooms and other work facilities.


This lightweight cart is highly maneuverable and easy to push and steer in confined spaces and narrow aisles. The integral, self-contained lift column allows the user, at the push of a button, to lift and lower loads smoothly and precisely to any desired height.


A heavy-duty 24V battery system makes it possible to conduct operation on a single charge for more than a single shift. When charging, the built-in universal (100 to 240V) smart charger delivers a fast and uniform charge without ever harming the batteries.


A three-position foot operated caster control system provides simultaneous parking brake, swivel or directional steering of the 5-in. rear casters. The cart is available with a variety of tabletops, including unique multi-directional transfer rollers that transfer and turn material smoothly and easily in any direction. The cart lifts loads up to 600 lb. into height positions up to 45 in.

  • Lift and transports workloads from 220 to 600 lb.
  • Compact, light-weight hand truck
  • Heavy-duty battery power
  • Eliminates body strain of manual work effort
  • Adaptable to a variety of standard and custom end-effectors
  • Built-in safety features