Automatic Circular Cold Saw

April 10, 2018
KAAST's cold saw is fitted with a 7-in. touchscreen for optimal control and configuration.

A fully automatic NC cold, circular saw boasts a rigid design and sophisticated anti-vibration features, resulting in a cut that is fast, precise, efficient, and clean.


The HCS is extremely fast at up to 500 cuts/hour for 2.75 in. bars, and 400 cuts/hour for 24 in. clean-cut lengths. The automatic material diameter sensing ensures the fastest cycle times.  The thin-kerf blade design (0.079 in.) keeps waste at a minimum all while increasing efficiency and productivity.


The ingenious design of the HCS also includes a top vice which keeps the material clamped allowing bundle cutting for increased throughput. The bar loading magazine can hold 13 pieces of 2.75 x 20 in. bar with the option to upgrade capacity. The electromagnetic brake and gear transmission are designed to decrease noise, vibration, and power consumption. All resulting in an increase in blade life and cut quality.


Other standard features for the HCS include a NC Control with 7 in. touchscreen, trim and remnant sorting, incredibly fast bar feed (944 in./min), and saw blade feed by AC servomotor and ballscrew.


  • NC Control with 7 in. touchscreen
  • Automatic material diameter sensing
  • Fast 20 ft bar feed (944 in./min) by AC servomotor and ballscrew
  • Automatic bar loader table
  • Automatic trim and remnant sorting
  • Saw blade feed by AC servomotor and ballscrew
  • Infinitely variable blade speed (Inverter)
  • Power blade brush
  • Chip conveyor
  • Oil mist coolant (programmable)
  • Variable vice pressure
  • Operation manual