Clean Small Equipment Quickly, Efficiently

Jan. 30, 2007
The new Typhoon equipment wash system is ready for delivery from The Cyclonator People — Riveer Environmental. Completely self- contained, the blue and silver powder-coated steel Typhoon makes it easier for rental firms and plant operations to clean small equipment quickly, efficiently and at minimal cost while complying with environmental standards. Typhoon has no control panel; everything is automatic. Turn it on, pull the trigger and wash. The pressure washer gun (attached to an overhead boom like the local coin-op) gives easy 360 degree washing access from outside the wash rack. The built-in access ramp closes automatically, easily becoming a fourth wall to keep overspray on the rack and your shop floor clean and dry. Typhoon installs (and re-installs) quickly in the area of one parking space and performs well on uneven ground because its grated sump pulls water from both ends at once. It needs no special plumbing, no special permits and the completely enclosed mechanism is heated so the wash water won't freeze, even in winter temperatures. Typhoon maintenance is minimal since there’s no filter to change. Collected debris cycles into a disposal barrel; water replenishment can be handled with a hose and there’s an automatic alert (with shut-off) if water level gets too low. Riveer Environmental, The Cyclonator People, is a leading innovator in effective washing systems that efficiently meet the EPA Clean Water Act. • Wash area 9' x 8' & 9' x 16' • Weight (dry) 5,000 Lb. • L X W X H 19'L x 9'W x 3 'H • Holding tank Internal • Water In Process 120 gallons • Holding Tank 70 gallons • Pressure 40 PSI max filter pressure • Flow Filter Process 4 GPM • Electric 220V 1 PH 50A