Unique Design Features Removable Back Brush for Flexible Installation

March 21, 2007
PDU Cables, the leading manufacturer and supplier of power-distribution cable assemblies in North America, has introduced the new Air Guard® Cable Seal to help prevent air loss in plenum-cooled floors when access holes are required for cable routing through the floor.  According to CEO Duncan Lee, “Air Guard Cable Seal’s unique design makes cable routing simpler and more flexible.  It is the only product of its kind with a removable back brush that makes cable installation and relocation easy and inexpensive.  Floor tiles can be removed without having to disconnect equipment, and large connectors can be run through a smaller opening size.  Plus, its heavy duty spring-loaded latch fortifies each unit and makes it easy to remove and replace the back brush.” The Air Guard significantly reduces cool-air loss and conserves energy.  It also helps prevent expensive electronic equipment from overheating by improving static pressure to cool data-center equipment.  In addition, it seals cable openings with overlapping brushes that also prevents under-floor contamination.  The Air Guard can be installed in any location on the floor panel. Each Air Guard includes mounting hardware and cutout template. An optional safety cover fits over the Air Guard to provide a solid surface for increased durability and safety when not housing cables.  Flame retardant ABS polycarbonate material provides a finished look on all raised floor panels, and its solid construction and textured surface compliment all floor coverings.  For more information about Air Guard and PDU Cables, or to order a complimentary catalog, visit www.pducables.com or call (866) 631-4238 About PDU Cables PDU Cables is the leading manufacturer and supplier of power-distribution cable assemblies in North America used by more than 5,000 data centers.  It is the first independent cable-assembly company to introduce colored conduit, to acquire UL Listing, and to offer the Power Cable and Equipment Configurator™ to document connections and specify the correct under floor power cables.  Electrical contractors install PDU Cables’ factory-fabricated UL-listed cable assemblies to save time and labor, and reduce overall project costs.  The company is the exclusive supplier of the Air Guardâ Cable Seal. • Dimensions: 12.0" X 9.0"