Mold Release Agent For Natural & Synthetic Rubber Parts

March 23, 2007
Mold Release Agent EZR 334 is a specially formulated, semi-permanent release for rubber products, designed to overcome mold fouling. EZR 334 is ideal for high pressure manufacturing conditions, can be used at temperatures of 310º F or higher and delivers consistent multiple releases. The product’s higher solid content has proven to increase mold releases with smooth, defect free parts. EZR 334 streamlines the manufacturing of many types of rubber parts including rubber to metal bonded parts. The low VOC content in this water based release minimizes environmental reporting requirements. EZR 334 is a versatile, robust release agent, effective with a wide range of natural and synthetic rubbers Multiple releases to save processing time , streamlines manufacturing of a wide range of rubber applications including rubber to metal bonded parts, reduces mold fouling yielding excellent part surface, cost effective and dilutable.