CytroMotion Self-Contained Actuator

July 15, 2022
CytroMotion Self-Contained Actuator from Bosch Rexroth raises the efficiency of linear axes in the power class up to 6.2 kW.

For forces of up to 110 kN, the compact CytroMotion system solution is a self-contained actuator that allows more efficient and sustainable linear movements in a range of machines and systems in smaller spaces. The fully electric control makes engineering and commissioning easier; the power-on-demand drive and the maintenance-free, hermetically sealed design help to save CO2.


The actuator combines the power density and robustness of hydraulics in a compact, energy-efficient system in the power class up to 6.2 kW. As a low-maintenance alternative to hydraulic and electro-mechanical axes, it can combine the standard components electric motor, hydraulic pump, and cylinder with important control functions and poppet valves. The design allows for a much longer stroke compared to mechanical linear axes in the same space.


Optional features include a digital position measurement system with an SSI interface, a circuit variation with an engageable, reduce-force rapid traverse system, and pressure relief valves for adjustably limiting maximum loads or process variables.


Applications range from power plant systems, metalworking, and pressing and joining applications with force holding mode to ring rolling mills in the steel industry with large forming, process, and holding forces. The encapsulated hydraulic system is also suitable for testing and quality assurance and for use in the process and food industries. CytroMotion also enables condition monitoring. To make it easy to measure process forces and monitor internal system parameters, open interfaces and pressure sensors are integrated.

  • Nominal power up to 6.2 kW
  • Maximum pushing force 110 kN
  • 740 mm/s maximum speed
  • 800 mm maximum stroke length