New Brake Provides Medium Torque Ranges for Moderate to Severe Service Conditions

May 10, 2007
Carlisle Industrial Brake and Friction introduces a hydraulically actuated, single opposed piston, caliper disc brake for a variety of applications including underground shuttle vehicles, log skidders, industrial slicing machines and other industrial equipment. Model PD 1473 is designed to produce medium torque ranges and requires the caliper and disc to be on fixed mountings. Multiple calipers can be used on a single disc to proportionately increase the torque output. Flexible mounting alternatives are available to accommodate numerous vehicles and equipment types while optional seal materials offer compatibility with all actuation fluids and temperatures. Additionally, the PD 1473 brake is available with retracting springs and automatic adjusters that are ideal for high-speed applications. Available in both a standard and auto-adjust model, the PD 1473 is equipped with Carlisle premium asbestos-free brake linings, providing superior life and stopping performance. The caliper material is constructed from high-strength ductile iron casting for superior brake durability. Both models have a maximum pressure of 1500 psi, two pistons and a lining area of 9.6 in2 per brake. In addition, the auto-adjust model has available an electroless nickel-plated housing for corrosive environments. Carlisle brake system products include hydraulic disc brakes for service and park brake applications, mechanical park brakes, full circle brakes, motor brakes, hydraulic brake valves, and hydraulic/electric trailer brake actuators. The company produces friction products for such varied applications as on- and off- highway vehicles, industrial equipment, lawn and garden equipment, and consumer appliances.