Coolant / Lubricant Mixing Station for Manual or Central Supply

May 22, 2007
UNIST, Inc. announces production of a new series of mixing stations, for blending and dispensing of cutting and forming fluids in manufacturing. The Manual Mixing Station (MM-S) and Central Supply Mixing Station (CSM-S) are designed to automate the mixing and supply of fluids and lubricants to one or more machining or metalforming stations. In addition to their Micro-Fluidization™ Systems for applying fluids and lubricants, UNIST, Inc. designs and manufactures customized fluid mixing and supply stations for machining and stamping applications. Now UNIST is using their knowledge and experience to make this technology available “off the shelf.” Companies interested in lean operations, consolidation of work cells or other shop floor processes which benefit from a centralized fluid mixing and supply source, will experience less fluid handling and transportation throughout the plant, improved quality monitoring of fluid components and water, cost reduction and less waste. Elimination of manual mixing delivers a consistent concentration ratio day to day and shift to shift. The mixing station can be automatic or manual and is scalable to supply a single work station or multiple stations. Standard features on the CSM-S Central Supply Mixing Station include PLC control, adjustable outlet pressure, multiple alarm conditions, a 10 micron water filter, red / green operational stack lights and a removable enclosure. The stainless steel enclosure is optional on the MM-S Manual Mixing Station which can also be purchased with a dispensing nozzle. The CSM-S produces concentration ranges from 0.5-37% depending on viscosity and delivers up to 3 gallons per minute. The MM-S has a maximum concentration of 17% and dispenses up to 7 gallons per minute. The CMS-S and MM-S provide an opportunity for companies who are considering automated mixing and centralized supply to easily take advantage of UNIST design and performance. UNIST will continue to offer design and manufacture of custom mixing stations for companies who require these systems. UNIST also manufactures central supply and control stations for neat fluids where no mixing is necessary.