Burr-RxTM Disc Brushes for In-Machine Deburring from Weiler

June 19, 2007
Weiler Corporation’s Burr-RxTM abrasive nylon disc brushes for in-machine deburring are more aggressive than conventional abrasive nylon brushes; allowing a faster feed rate, which translates to getting the same job done in a shorter cycle time. Burr-Rx disc brushes also remove larger burrs than standard abrasive nylon brushes. If you want to improve your bottom line, Burr-Rx disc brushes increase labor productivity, reduce work-in-process inventory and improve part quality and consistency. Like traditional abrasive nylon brushes, Burr-Rx disc brushes do not alter part dimensions. Burr-Rx disc brushes are available in diameters ranging from 2” to 9”. For complete information on these brushes including specific applications, brush operating parameters, and product selection, Weiler has published a brochure - “In-Machine Deburring with Burr-RxTM Disc Brushes”. And remember, Burr-Rx is only the latest addition to Weiler’s full line of Nylox abrasive nylon filament brushes for automated equipment.