Imaging Colorimeter with Integrated Spectrometer

May 13, 2022
Radiant Vision Systems' ProMetric I-SC Solution is a two-in-one solution for light and color measurement.

The ProMetric I-SC Solution for light and color measurement combines an imaging colorimeter and an integrated spectrometer. In one device, it enables measurement of both spectral data and image-based colorimetric data with complete data capture, analysis, output, and calibration functions controlled through a central software interface.


It applies a polarization-insensitive mirror to enable direct integration of a ProMetric I Imaging Colorimeter and a CAS 140D spectroradiometer; this integrated solution captures two pieces of a complete measurement at once: the CAS 140D measures highly accurate correlated color temperature and color rending index while Radiant’s high-resolution ProMetric I61 (61-megapixel) Imaging Colorimeter measures precise luminance and chromaticity data for all points in an image—including regions as small as a display subpixel.


Direct integration also facilitates calibration of the connected imaging colorimeter for measuring new devices or device status. A calibration function can be initiated as needed to capture and apply spectral data from the spectrometer to align the imaging colorimeter’s response to standard CIE color-matching functions for highly accurate, repeatable measurement of a source.

  • Optimized for speed, resolution, and measurement accuracy
  • Captures spectral and spatial measurement data simultaneously using a single solution
  • References spectral data to calibrate the tristimulus imaging colorimeter according to CIE colormatching functions
  • Works seamlessly with Radiant Vision Systems TrueTest Automated Visual Inspection Software packages
  • Offers multiple sensor resolution options and lens choices with Smart Calibration for a wide range of distance and aperture settings