Hall Effect Joystick Switches

Dec. 18, 2017
Grayhill, Inc.'s switches offer precise cursor control and low power consumption.

An extensive line of Hall Effect joystick and rotary switches offer precise cursor control, redundancy options, and very low power consumption. The Hall Effect switches are ideal for a variety of fine position applications, including speed control, gain adjustment, screen navigation, and hydraulic valve/flow control, as well as motion control and potentiometer replacement.


Grayhill joystick switches are widely used in unmanned drone remotes, belly box and hydraulic remote controls, and avionics control panels, as well as interventional x-ray control panels and unmanned bulldozer remotes. The switches are available with a variety of housing and mounting options, multiple termination and cabling options, and custom electronics.


Designed to meet IP67 immersion standards, Grayhill’s Hall Effect range includes several switch sealing options. Hall effect rotary switches and potentiometer switches, use shaft seals with O-rings to dynamically seal the switch shaft-bushing interface. The panel seal option applies a flat gasket to the switch-panel mating surface to seal the interface when switch mounting nut is applied. With the rubber boot option for joystick switches, a sealed silicone rubber boot is placed over the joystick shaft and bushing, which forms a panel seal when the joystick is mounted in the end application.


Unlike many other competitors, Grayhill’s Hall Effect switches are designed to meet 50 % of initial torque after life cycle testing, ensuring they will retain their initial haptics over the full product life. While others may specify a switch cycle based on either a switch position or one clockwise switch rotation, Grayhill switches cycles are one full clockwise rotation and one full counter-clockwise switch rotation.


For safety critical applications, Grayhill offers multiple redundant Hall Effect variants to meet your reliability requirements.  Also, a joystick gate can be added to limit shaft movement. Joystick gates are available in 2, 4, and 8 direction options.