EUCHNER Hand-Held Pendant Stations

Aug. 2, 2007
More flexibility - an addition has been made to the proven EUCHNER hand-held pendant stations. The latest member of the HBA family has a keypad with 14 freely configurable keys including LEDs. EUCHNER has been successful on the hand-held pendant station market for more than 20 years. Along with the two familiar housing versions, HBE and HBL, the housing series HBA has also been developed successfully. With the new variant, the HBA-096692, the company is now presenting a device that enables the keypad to be flexibly designed and configured. With the new hand-held pendant station, HBA-096692, EUCHNER is addressing the increasing market demands for a hand-held pendent station of flexible design. The device is now available with 14 freely configurable membrane keys. Symbols and function can be applied to these keys as required using printed slide-in strips. All membrane keys are also equipped with white LEDs that indicate important information on the status of the key to the user. For example, LED off signifies that the key is inactive, LED on could signify "key active" and a flashing LED could be a prompt to press a specific key. As the slide-in strips can be printed using any conventional color printer, it is also possible to use color symbols. The circular layout of the four keys on the lower part of the device could be used for directions of travel (e.g. x+; x-; y+; y-). Using the key in the middle, fast movement could be enabled, for example. To ease the design and configuration of the slide-in strips for the user, a template can be downloaded from This template contains standard symbols and instructions on labeling. In addition, a built-in emergency stop and a maximum of ten enabling switches make it possible to use the hand-held pendant stations in the danger area. • Environmental protection IP 65 - oil/dust tight, and water resistant • Ambient operating temperature 0 - 50°C • High impact housings • Various mounting styles o Hooks o Magnets o Brackets • E-stop pushbuttons o Single channel o Dual channel • Enabling buttons o (2) and (3) stage versions o (3) stage dual channel - conform to ANSI/RIA R15.06-1999 • Handwheels o 25 or 100 pulses/revolution o RS 422A or push pull output • Selector switches o 42V @ 4 Amp o Up to (16) positions o Binary and break before make versions • Pushbuttons o 24V @ 4 Amp o Illuminated versions available • Shielded cables o Allows for cross short monitoring o Straight or spiral o Various lengths