Oct. 9, 2007
Federal Process Corporation has launched a complete line of thread lockers and retaining compounds to provide an exceptional broad range of coverage in any manufacturing or industrial setting. FasLock anaerobic thread lockers and CureLock anaerobic retaining compounds are manufactured and marketed by Gasoila Chemicals, a specialty chemical division of Federal Process Corporation. Often used in applications where vibrational loosening is an issue, FasLock™ LTL, MTL, HTL and PTL anaerobic thread lockers provide a solution where less effective mechanical locking methods are used such as lock washers and nylon inserts. FasLock thread lockers can be used to set screws, refrigeration fittings, mounting bolts, equipment studs, lug nuts, valve seats and others. Meeting Mil Spec (MIL-S-461163A), the FasLock formulas are: FasLock LTL – a light-strength thread locker that resists up to 50- lbs. of breakaway torque FasLock MTL – a medium-strength thread locker that resists up to 100-lbs. of breakaway torque FasLock HTL – a high-strength thread locker that resists up to 200-lbs. of breakaway torque FasLock PTL – a medium-strength, penetrating thread locker that resists up to 90-lbs. of breakaway torque Gasoila Chemicals also offers several quick-dry retaining compounds, under the brand name CureLock™, that lock pulleys, rotors, fans, bushings, sleeves, gears, pins, and other non-washer or insert applications. CureLock, available in four viscosities, cures in eight hours and fixes in 15 minutes, providing a fast, effective seal and permanent bond. Meeting Mil Spec (MIL-R-46082B), the CureLock anaerobic retaining compounds are: Curelock QRC – a quick-fixturing, low viscosity formula for general service applications CureLock MRC – a medium viscosity formula for high-service temperature applications CureLock HRC – a high viscosity formula for high-service temperature applications that demand gap filling properties CureLock SRC – a medium viscosity, high-strength, fast-setting formula for severe service All of the FasLock and CureLock anaerobic lockers and compounds are available in three sizes: 10-, 50- or 250-milliliter bottles.