Mold Release Coating for Manufacturing Brake Pads

Oct. 5, 2007
A new mold release coating specially formulated for molding friction composite materials such as brake pads has just been introduced by Huron Technologies, Inc., one of the leading developers of mold release coatings. Release Coating 7549 can be used for manufacturing both semi-metallic and ceramic pads at temperatures between 275º F and 325º F. This release agent protects the mold surface by forming a barrier between the mold and the composite mixture used in the manufacturing process. The friction mixture is typically abrasive and can scratch or damage the mold surface if unprotected during the molding process. Release Coating 7549 is a water based release coating that provides excellent surface part quality when used with automated spray systems. This release coating can be used for manufacturing brake pads for Automobiles, Light and heavy duty trucks, Aircraft and industrial braking applications.