Certified by NSF, Accu-Lube FG-2000 is a natural/vegetable based, environmentally safe metalworking oil recommended for use in Food and Medical applications requiring machining, drilling, and tapping.  It is also excellent for sawing of solids up to 6” in diameter as well as tubing almost any size. Accu-Lube FG-2000 provides the highest level of lubricity to the cutting edge of any tool.  Since it is consumed in the cutting process, the need for clean up and disposal are virtually eliminated.  Accu-Lube FG-2000 is environmentally friendly, non-toxic and biodegradable for safer working conditions.  It eliminates flood coolant and enables long term cost savings and provides longer tool life. Accu-Lube FG-2000 is certified by NSF - NSF Reg. NO 137274 Category H1- as safe for incidental food contact.  It is available in 1 and 55 gallons containers and is safe for use on all metals.