World’s Smallest Precision Ball Bearings

Dec. 13, 2007
SPB-USA, located in Sarasota Florida, has available the world’s smallest ball bearings manufactured in Japan by Sapporo Precision Inc. under the EZO-SPB brand name. Each bearing has an inside shaft diameter of just .06 mm or .0236 in. and outside diameter of just 2.5 mm and a width of 1.0 mm. Each ball, and there are 5 in each race, is smaller than those found in a ball point pen and each is precision ground to an exacting specification to ensure long life at operating speeds of between 142,000 and 160,000 rpm The bearings are ideal for any miniature motion control product such as medical or dental instruments or any product requiring miniaturization with smooth, quiet operating motion. SPB-USA also has available a complete line of bearings including inch and extra thin metric series, large size stainless and thrust series bearings and more.