Hygienic Model of PRT Slewing Ring Bearing

Feb. 1, 2023
The hygienic slewing ring bearing from igus enables quick, residue-free cleaning during use.

An addition to the PRT slewing ring bearing line, the hygienically designed PRT slewing ring bearing enables quick, residue-free cleaning during use. Made of stainless steel and FDA-compliant plastics, its design allows users to clean the bearing without any residue left behind and without removing it from the machine, eliminating the need for an additional cover.


Designed with rounded components, there are no 90-degree corners, weld seams or edges and all surfaces have a slope of at least three degrees so that water drains off completely. FDA-compliant seals are used wherever metal meets metal to prevent dead spaces. These special design features allow clean-in-place processes. No disassembly is necessary for cleaning. Users can simply rinse the bearing with cleaning agents, reliably removing all residue.


Users also benefit from the usual advantages of the stainless steel rings moving on sliding elements made of iglide, a high-performance plastic into which solid lubricants are integrated. They allow low-friction dry operation, protecting the environment. The slewing ring bearings are delivered ready to install, and the self-lubrication effect keeps them working for years without maintenance.