TranZform(R) Accordion Folding Fire Door

Jan. 16, 2008
Cornell introduces TranZform Fire Accordion Folding Fire Doors. Designed to provide automatic closing upon alarm, TranZform Fire units are rated physical barriers that protect buildings and occupants from the spread of fire and smoke. Featuring fail-safe emergency response capabilities, TranZform Fire units can also be used in openings that are part of a required means of egress, are built to order and fit openings of virtually any width, from 3’6” to  22’ high.TranZform Fire units are building code compliant, meeting the IBC® Horizontal Sliding Door design criteria for use as egress doors in a means of egress. Up to 3 hour UL fire ratings, UL “S” label smoke rating and FM ratings are available. With clearly marked Emergency Egress Hardware provided as standard, TranZform Fire units comply with the American with Disabilities Act accessibility standards.TranZform Fire units require less headroom clearance than Rolling Fire Doors. And unlike banks of fire rated swing doors, TranZform Fire stores out of sight, preserving design aesthetics and open floor plan views. It provides an ideal design solution for atriums, the separation of large opening areas, elevator lobbies plus opening protection in fire and smoke rated corridors.Specifications: • Sizes: Openings from 3’ 6" to 22’ H to a maximum of 1440 square feet, standard construction. • Operation: Motor operation provided as standard for controlled automatic closing with emergency exit capability and ease of testing. • Stack Area: Pocket Depth = 1/4 HP operator (up to 100 sq. ft.) = 2.1" per ft. of opening width +22". 1/2 HP operator = 2.1" per foot +30". For units over 16' High or when clearances are critical consult factory.