Sealed Solid Lubricant Bearings - SPB-USA

Jan. 12, 2008
Sapporo Precision Bearings USA has announced that it is nowoffering a complete line of Sealed Solid Lubricant Bearings to its customers throughout North America. “The addition of solid lubricant bearings to SPB-USA’s already comprehensive inventory of precision bearings brings our sales and service capabilities to an enviable level”, says Mitchell Dutton, President of Sarasota-based SPB-USA.Dutton explained that the bearings are installed with oil-filled polymers which, while having some of the properties of solids, actually lubricates them with a film of oil. Primary benefits of oil-filled polymers, he says, is they can contain approximately twice the amount of oil than most greases thereby making more oil available for lubrication, and are particularly well-suited for harsh manufacturing environments such as food processing machines or any equipment requiring frequent cleaning.    SPB’s solid lubricant bearing sizes are available from 1/8”  inner diameter to 1” inside diameter, and from metric 10mm to 50mm inside diameter. Most sizes come in chrome steel or stainless steel.