LGP 310 Pancake Load Cell With Ranges up to 500,000 lbs

Jan. 17, 2008
Cooper Instruments and Systems Load Cells are used virtually everywhere and in every industry one can think of. We offer years of experience in test and measurement that includes applications for customers in areas such as automotive components, aerospace, medical, production machinery, materials test, manufacturing assembly, construction equipment, etc. LGP 310 Tension/compression Pancake Load Cell, Ranges from 0-5 Lbs. to 0-500,000 Lbs. The LGP 310 is a low profile “pancake” type cell engineered to measure loads from 5 to 500,000 pounds. Designed with a threaded center hole, the LGP 310 utilizes two stabilizing diaphragms which are welded to the sensing member to reduce off-center and side loading effects. A load button may be desirable when using in compression or a pull plate used when pulling in tension and we have a selection of these accessories available to meet your need. This model must be used on flat, smooth surfaces to achieve its  rated specifications. This unit can be hermetically sealed for added durability. Options available with this unit include: 0-5 Vdc, 4-20 ma output, fatigue rating, high/low temperature compensation and ultra high precision accuracy. LGP 310 Specifications Load Ranges:    5lb. to 500,000 lb. Linearity:           5 lb. to 25lb. + 0.2% FS        50lb. to 500,000 + 0.1% FS                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Hysteresis:        5 lb. to 25lb. + 0.1% FS        50lb. to 500,000lb. + 0.08% FS Repeatability:  5 lb. to 25lb. + 0.1%              50lb. to 500,000lb. + 0.03% Material:           5lb. to 200,000 –lb., 17-4 PH S.S.,  300,000lb. to 500,000lb. 4340 Painted Temp. Range:  60 to 160 degrees F Output:             5 – 25lb – 2mv/v Bridge Resistance: 350 ohm Excitation:         10 Vdc Safe Overload: 50% over capacity Deflection:        .003” F.S. Connector (not incl.) 5lb. to 5000lb = PT06A-10-6S,  7500lb to 500,000lb. = MS3106A-14S-6S