New 27 Gauge Tapered Dispensing Tip Makes 0.008” Deposits of Silicones, Epoxies, Other Thick Assembly Fluids

Feb. 1, 2008
EFD, Inc. has introduced a new 27 gauge tapered dispensing tip that makes it possible to apply extremely small, precise amounts of silicones, epoxies, lubricants and other thick assembly fluids. Designed for use with air-powered dispensing equipment, it will produce accurate, consistent dots and lines as small 0.008” wide.The new tip is the smallest tapered dispensing tip available today.  It was created to help manufacturers keep pace with the trend towards smaller products with tighter tolerances, and the increasing use of adhesives on products that do not permit the use of mechanical fasteners.The silicone-free tip is precision molded from clear polyethylene that will not scratch delicate surfaces, and the tapered design provides faster flow than straight dispensing needles when using thick or particle-filled materials. Like all EFD dispensing tips, it features SafetyLokTM threads for safe, secure attachment to syringe barrels and dispense valves.