March 25, 2008
Graco Inc. (NYSE:GGG) introduces the Dyna-Star® 10:1 hydraulic powered pump designed to safely operate off of onboard low-pressure hydraulics. The pump delivers lubrication via divider valves and injectors to bearing points on heavy-duty construction and mining equipment. The Dyna-Star 10:1 has state-of-the-art accessories and features, including a digital controller that offers multi-functional time- and pressure-based control of the pump, low-level and inadequate pressure shutdown options. A pressure switch monitors system pressure, a tank level indicator monitors lubrication levels, a gauge monitors hydraulic pressure output, and a hydraulics control module regulates pressure and flow. All accessories and features can be grouped together for convenient system control. Dyna-Star 10:1 pumps are available in three different lengths to pump lubrication in a variety of custom tank and refinery drum configurations. Pump modules include  both 60 and 90 pound reservoirs, hydraulic controls and vent valve assemblies. Several pump and accessory kits have been designed for multiple injector and divider valve-based applications.