Demag Cranes and Components Corporation will introduce an air powered manulift hoist with the industry’s most advanced technology.  This hoist will be available up to 275 lbs. capacity.The customer benefits are:Safe High Speed Lifting and Fine Positioning:The Demag air balancer can lift at speeds up to 200 fpm and can be controlled to “feather” the load into position.Ergonomic Operator Friendly Contact:The manulift control handle allows the operator exceptional control of the load and simulates manual lifting without any strain on the operator.  The air powered manulift is ideal for highly repetitive lifting applications.  The control handle can be either left or right hand operation.Designed to Match Your Lifting Requirements:The quick disconnect for the load handling attachments allows any type of custom load attachment to be connected to the hoists.  Thus, the manulift can be used to lift parts of various sizes and shapes.  The combination of the air powered manulift and KBK workstation cranes provide an excellent material handling solution to high repetitive lifting and positioning applications.