EG Series Hoist Simplifies Trolley Adjustment

Feb. 7, 2022

Providing next generation enhanced features and benefits to the E Series Hoist, the EG Series Hoist features an easier trolley adjustment with integrated staging that stays tightly together during adjustment. The hoist has a more spacious enclosure to accommodate much larger control panels and variable frequency drives and offers capacities of 3, 5, 7.5, and 10 mt and 20, 33, 50, and 65-ft lifts.


The hoist makes it easier to adjust trolleys to a variety of flange widths and beam types. A longer adjustment tube maintains better hoist integrity and tighter staging during adjustment, as well as during opening and closing. A more reliable hexagonal drive shaft enhances adjustment and reduces the number of parts involved. An improved limit switch (upper/lower) provides better repeatability during raising and lowering and a weight-operated limit is provided as standard. Additionally, it incorporates a smooth-acting rope guide that tracks on a bar independent of the hoist frame to eliminate possible damage.


The EG Series Hoist also offers manufacturing advantages and efficiencies. Instead of having various lengths of dead-end supports, there is now just one size that fits all three lift ranges: 20, 33, and 50-ft. The EG Series also offers a variety of specialized hoist options including variable frequency hoisting. EG Series Hoists are currently available in monorail and double-girder models.