Dynamometer Equipped Lever Hoist

April 22, 2022
With five available hoist capacities, Dyno-Hoist from OZ Lifting Products gives users a real-time reading of the load.

Dyno-Hoist, a dynamometer level hoist, gives users a real-time reading of the load they are applying to the hoist, whether it be a lifting or pulling application. The product is available in 0.75, 1.5, 3, 6, and 9-tons capacity. The first three models in the range have one fall of chain, and the 6 and 9-ton versions, two and three falls, respectively.


An overload alert is triggered at 126%. Additional features include all-steel construction, a steel handle with rubber grip, zinc-plated load chain, forged alloy steel hooks, and fully enclosed gearing. Dyno-Hoist’s dynamometer fitting can retrofit to either of the industrial or premium level hoists.

  • All-steel construction
  • Steel handle with rubber grip
  • Zinc plated load chain
  • Forged alloy steel hooks
  • Fully-enclosed gearing
  • Minimal load lifting effort
  • Long lasting powder coat finish
  • Heavy-duty latches
  • Load sheave bearings
  • Weston-Style brake system
  • Individual test certificate & serial number