Intelligent Thermal Imager

Aug. 31, 2019
FOTRIC 326 is pioneered by integrating Android-based smartphones with the thermal imaging camera to achieve a powerful thermal data analysis device.

FOTRIC 326 Thermal Imaging Camera - a rugged, durable, accurate, and portable handheld heat investigation device designed for a wide range of equipment and infrastructure thermal diagnostic tasks. The 326 has a large aperture f1.0 IR lens for taking superior quality radiometric thermal images for professional use. 


TheFotric 326 has a -20° to +650°C measurement range to cover a wide variety of applications, especially when inspecting high-temperature objects. It offers an accuracy rating of ±2°C or ±2% and a thermal sensitivity of 0.06degC (60mK). The Fotric 326's thermal imager has a resolution of 384 x 288 to provide high quality, large radiometric images full of detailed thermal information. The adjustable focus lens facilitates precision imaging for objects of interest. The Fotric 326's frame rate is 30Hz, faster than the 9Hz of many other thermal cameras. This gives smoother thermal images of rapidly changing thermal targets.


It can produce a visible light image in addition to the thermal image and allows picture-on-picture fusion of the two images to enable accurate problem location. User-defined temperature thresholds, audible and visual alarms of above/below temperature threshold, and adjustable focus make this a valuable thermal tool in an engineer's arsenal. Additionally, it has a useful built-in laser pointer to show exactly where the camera is pointed. Voice recording allows notes about the image to be saved audibly rather than handwritten. The audio message is saved with the thermal image and can be retrieved during post-processing.


The Fotric 326 has a 3.5-in. screen display and it also supports mounting a smartphone as both the display and data processing center. The built-in flashlight is helpful when inspecting in low-light environments. The 326 can connect to the internet when using an Android smartphone as the display screen and data processing center. It then benefits from the powerful and advanced processing capability of the smartphone. With the Fotric LinkIR application installed on an Android smartphone, the 326 becomes an upgraded thermal camera with a full touchscreen HD user interface. The app provides capabilities such as taking radiometric video and sharing the thermal images instantly with others. With a smartphone installed as the display screen, the Fotric 326 can record short radiometric videos of up to 1,000 frames and up to 5 frames per second. Fotric 326 is provided with a 16GB memory SD card for storing at least 1,000 images, but larger SD cards can also be installed.


With good thermal resolution, together with high accuracy and sensitivity, the 326 is suitable for mechanical, electrical inspection, moisture detection, and building investigations. Applications include leak detection, electrical problems, insulation issues, HVAC and airflow problems, mold and rot, pest infestations, equipment failures, tunnel inspections, etc.


Made by Fotric Precision Instruments, an innovative intelligent thermal imaging products manufacturer, the Fotric 326 camera is available now from Saelig Co. Inc., Fotric's authorized North American distributor.