June 18, 2008
With an extremely fast marking speed of up to 10 characters per second, the new Technifor XF510Cp compact integrated marking unit offers higher quality marking than inkjet systems and is less costly than CO2 lasers, providing users with a new level of high speed marking performance and quality for both metallic and plastic parts of various shapes and sizes. The innovative XF510 incorporates backward and forward movement to mark parts twice as fast as current Technifor machines helping to eliminate production bottlenecks with new marking cycle times. Standard interactive features include RS232, USB, Ethernet connections and 8 Input/4 Output card. The control unit is easy to use with its TO5 piloting software with icons and pop-up menus. In addition the communication terminal interface gives the start marking, cycle end, cycle stop, machine ready to mark and marking underway information for enhanced production efficiency. The extremely compact XF510 marking head is 5.4” x 3.4” x 4.5” and weighs only 5lbs, making it ideal for integration on a production line, used on a rotary table, in an existing unit, or for assembly on a robotic or articulated arm. A hand held version is also available. The unit has an optimized 50 x 20mm marking area with character height from 0.5 to 49.5 mm. The UC 500 electronic control unit features a wider screen for graphic preview, easy text verification and adjustment. The unit is traceability oriented and easy to program for fixed texts, variables, linear, angular, radial marking with high memory capacity of up to 1000 marking files. Flexible control is achieved as independent, with PC or PLC linked.