Coolant Driven Angle Heads develop up to 100 in.-lb. of torque. The heads incorporate a planetary gear with a five-to-one ratio, ideal for applications where high torque at lower speeds is required. The angle heads are powered by an integral positive displacement ball piston motor driven by the machining center high-pressure coolant system.


Because spindle rotation is not required for power, the spindle can be indexed for multi-position machining with one angle head and one set-up. The compact elliptical head design allows radial machining in bores down to 1-in. in diameter. Offered in milling and drilling versions, the heads are available in all popular shank styles and load easily from the automatic tool changer.

  • Indexable: Can machine at multiple radial positions with one head and one set-up
  • Compact: Can machine in bores down to 5/8-in. in diameter, and close to walls, floors and obstructions.
  • Rigid: Do not depend on bearings for housing support. Bearing “play” is eliminated, accuracy improved
  • Simple to install: Load directly from the tool changer. No cumbersome stop blocks required
  • Efficient: Coolant flow through the head eliminates heat build-up and allows 100% duty cycle
  • Modular: All angle head sizes are easily interchangeable with all shank styles