Nov. 5, 2008
The Argotech PA-4 process analyzerprovides continuous monitoring of repeating machine processes in real timethrough pre-positioned sensors on the machine, according to IBAG North America, the exclusive sales and service representative in North America for Argotech Gmbh.Particularly ideal for high production of miniature parts, the PA-4 can be used to detect a range of condtions which may result in poor quality production, unnecessary downtime and costly 100% inspection of “finished” parts. With four sensor inputs, the PA-4 can detect many conditions including tool wear or fracture, collision protection, machine and tool loads as well as measure one or two critical dimensions of a part  to ensure the highest product quality part to part. In addition, the unit can be used in unmanned production operations. The PA-4 is user friendly with a high contrast display to show optimum production and deviations from pre-set tolerance limits where an alarm can be generated and production is shut down.  The PA-4 has beensuccessfully used with a wide range of the world’s leading multi spindle lathes, CNC Swiss Type Machines as well as CNC Turning Centers.