New Mondel Vertical Brake

March 27, 2009
Magnetek, Inc. today announced the launch of a new vertical design of its AIST-NEMA HI-TORK™ 300M Mill Duty Shoe brake. The new vertical MBT brake can be used in tight spaces where a standard horizontal brake would not fit. The thruster is mounted above the brakewheel rather than on one side. It meets the same requirements as the Company’s horizontal MBT brakes and also delivers the same rated torque with minimal maintenance and downtime. “Our new vertical brake is a great fit when space is restricted by related machinery, structural components or worker access requirements.” said Tom van Leeuwen, manager of brakes for Magnetek. The Company’s line of mill duty shoe brakes feature fabricated steel construction and are designed for heavy-duty environments. Applications for these types of brakes include steel mills, stacker reclaimers, shiploaders, port cranes, shipyard cranes, offshore drilling rigs, missile assembly cranes, incinerator cranes, and large gantry cranes.